What is the Wild Remembering?

she is a wild nesting doll of words and wonders. she is story cracked open and unraveled. yet re-raveled. re-wilded. she is embodied listening. she is longing. she is the mythopoetic rx inside cycles and seasons. soul displayed in letters. rearranged in new sentences. ephemerals at the edges.

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handcrafted, wild-seeded writings strewn fresh, warm, stirring and alive. winged messengers flying into your inbox. like dandelion seeds. with strange and mysterious teeth and roots.

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Edgy Ephemerals. Rites and bones. Story Magic. Mythopoetic mycelium. Embodied thresholds.


Stasha Ginsburg

The Wild Remembering Story. Words. Poetry. Audio Embodied re-wildlings Desert woman. Making contact with the Wild Remembering at the heart of the innermost nesting doll. Crack open the story.